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About Walldelivery

Walldelivery B.V. is exclusive for resellers and focuses on the production of photo wallpaper at the best price. Our lines of communication are short and we do our work with passion. Walldelivery B.V. was founded in 2018 and specializes in selling wall decoration for resellers.

We print photo wallpaper ourselves on the best and fastest machines on the market. High quality printing in photo quality. Everything is automated as much as possible so that as few human actions as possible are involved. It's as cheap as that. The customer is our shared number 1. The other number 1 is environmentally friendly production. We only print on fleece wallpaper, which is PVC-free and contains no components that are harmful to the environment.

When we receive an order it will be forwarded to the printer. We check that everything is in good condition and the software automatically calculates manageable jobs that need to be evenly distributed over the wall. The order is placed in the row of print jobs and printed on rolls of 100 meters long. This roll is then placed in the cutting machine. This machine cuts the sheets to the millimetre. Orders are neatly packed in cardboard tubes or boxes and usually sent the same day.

Walldelivery is innovative and offers customers the most and best choice. We like to do something extra for our customers. We work fast, clear and precise.