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Information about photo wallpaper

Walldelivery supplies photo wallpaper exclusively for resellers. Read how to become a Walldelivery reseller. We also explain how you can easily place an order and how to apply custom photo wallpaper.

If you have any further questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Mail: [email protected]

Telephone: +31 (85) 130 7866

Become a reseller of Walldelivery

Walldelivery supplies wallpaper exclusively for resellers. You can apply for a free account by filling in this form, or by sending an email to [email protected]. To become a reseller, you must actively have a shop or a company that supplies interior (decoration) to individuals and companies. Think of interior design shops, architects and do-it-yourself shops. After you have completed and sent the form, we will contact you.

We deliver the photo wallpaper if necessary directly and white label to your end customer. Your customer will not be able to see that Walldelivery has produced the wallpaper.

Applying photo wallpaper to the wall

You put wallpaper glue (for non-woven wallpaper) on the wall, not the wallpaper.

Non-woven wallpaper is very easy to apply. Please make sure all walls are prepared and ready. You lubricate the wall with non-woven wallpaper glue and then press the wallpaper panels/strokes against the wall.

The Walldelivery packaging contains the following:

  • Roll(s) of photo wallpaper, numbered;
  • User manual for applying photo wallpaper with tips;
  • Accessories, if ordered.

Walldelivery supplies the following accessories:

  • Professional wallpaper press roller;
  • Wallpaper press roller;
  • Wallpaper cut-off knife;
    Wallpaper glue for non-woven wallpaper;
  • Glue roller;
  • Wallpaper scissors;
  • Other wallpaper accessories.

Important information: before applying the wallpaper:

  • We recommend acclimatizing the photo wallpaper for 24 hours in the installation room of the wallpaper. Acclimatize the wallpaper is necessary to prevent shrinkage. The best temperature for wallpapering is between 18 and 25 ºC and a humidity of approximately 40% - 65%. The surface of a wall should be clean, dry and ready for installation.

Step-by-step plan for applying photo wallpaper:

Step 1: Preparation

If applicable, switch off the electrical sockets and switches, remove the frames and tape them with wallpaper tape. Then remove the old wallpaper, if necessary. Make sure the wall is smooth by removing nails and bumps and filling holes with all filler. Let the filler dry thoroughly and make it smooth. Cover the ground with, e.g. newspapers, sheets or tarpaulin. Prepare a sturdy ladder so that the wallpaper can be pressed down well over the entire wall, and you could reach the top of the wall.

Attention! Use a primer for plastered walls to avoid that the water-based glue will be sucked directly into the wall and the wallpaper does not stick. Spread the primer well and let it dry overnight.

Step 2: Unpack and unroll

Carefully open the box and remove the rolls from the packaging. Remove the protective packaging. Roll out the wallpaper and check if the order matches the packing list and if the print is correct. There are numbers at the bottom of the wallpaper or on the back.

Step 3: perpendicular line

To get the wallpaper perpendicular, first, draw a perpendicular line with a pencil on the wall. Make sure you place a thin, soft line. Otherwise, the line may shine through the wallpaper. Use a long spirit level to set the line. Determine the position of the line by measuring the width of the wallpaper panel on the wall (-5cm if you ordered with 5cm bleed). When you have ticked the box that you have a margin of around 5 cm, then you subtract 5 cm from the width of the first stroke.

Step 4: Wallpaper Glue

Apply wallpaper glue according to the user manual of the adhesive. This manual you will find on the package or separate in the box next to the wallpaper. With non-woven wallpaper, you apply glue on the wall for each stroke (panel). Use a glue brush or a wallpaper glue roller to apply the wallpaper glue. Spread the glue a little wider than the width of the wallpaper.

Step 5: Hanging and cutting

Work from top to bottom. When you have ordered wallpaper with a 5 cm margin, keep an overlap of 5 cm at the top. Place the strip straight along the perpendicular line. It is essential to place it straight because the next strokes/panels will fit in line with it. Push the wallpaper against the wall using a wallpaper push roller or a squeegee. In the corners you have to press the wallpaper extra so that you get a fold line. If you pull the wallpaper back a little, you can easily cut away the wallpaper along the fold line with a pair of scissors. You can also cut away wallpaper with a sharp knive. Then press the wallpaper firmly into the corner and cut away the remaining wallpaper with a sharp knife. Easily cut out sockets by firmly pressing on the wallpaper at the socket and cutting away the middle piece.

Repeat this step until you finish the installation of all wallpaper panels.

Step 6: Finishing

Take a wallpaper press roller and roll the air bubbles to the side of the wallpaper panel. Roll to the side so that air can escape. Use a wallpaper seam roller for an even more beautiful and better result of the seams. Cut and trim away any excess wallpaper. Check all edges and seams to make sure they stick. Assemble the sockets and switches and put the power back on.


  • Do you have to wallpaper around a window or other obstacle? First, stick the panels all over the object and cut it off piece by piece along the frame. Don't cut the whole track to size in one go.
  • Prick a giant air bubble with a pin or needle, and wipe away the air. Small air bubbles disappear when the wallpaper dry out.
  • To install the wallpaper to dry faster, turn up the heating or open the windows (max 25 degrees).
  • Remove excess glue with a dry or damp cloth.
  • Use a wallpaper seam roller for an even better and precise result.
  • Provide sharp folds at corners so that cutting away excess wallpaper is smooth and straight.

Order photo wallpaper at Walldelivery

After your account is approved, you can easily order photo wallpaper. Select the desired photo or upload your photo. Then specify the desired options in the ordering process and place the product in the shopping cart. Here you can also select accessories and enter the delivery address. We usually start production after your order has been paid for or, if agreed, immediately when you can order on account.

Order process

  1. Choose an image - select the desired photo or upload your photo;
  2. Measure and select - fill in the dimensions of the wall for which we need to print wallpaper;
  3. Select your options such as stroke(panel) width, black and white or mirror;
  4. Place your order in the shopping cart and select accessories if necessary;
  5. Complete your order by entering the delivery address and payment details;
  6. We print the ordered wallpaper and make sure it reaches you or the end customer as soon as possible. (Production within 24 hours, shipping time depending on location).

In-house production

Our in-house production ensures low prices, quality and flexibility.

Because all images are scalable, the wallpaper always fits perfectly. We print photo wallpaper ourselves. We work with the latest machines and technologies. Because of an optimized production process, we can offer a low price. Through in-house production, we have constant control over the production process and the quality of the products. Besides, we do not depend on third parties for producing wallpaper which ensures the shortest possible line between design and delivery. We can deliver fantastic quality wallpaper at the lowest price, and we produce on business days within 24 hours.

Flexibility ensures satisfied customers

Not only do we excel with the lowest price and top quality. We are also extremely flexible. If you have an assignment with the highest priority, we will do everything we can to get it for you, without extra cost. We print on a priority basis, with a maximum duration of 2 working days. We ship most orders within one business day. You could make adjustments in the print until printing has started. For changes and modifications in the layout, please contact us by phone.


Environmentally friendly

Non-woven wallpaper has no negative impact on the natural environment.

A healthy environment makes life possible. A healthy environment is essential for us and our environment. Our non-woven wallpaper has an underlayer that exists of woven material, and a top layer consists of paper. The wallpaper is biodegradable. The printed wallpaper is also odorless, so you will not be bothered by unpleasant odors. Non-woven wallpaper is PVC-free, and the material is FSC certified. FSC certification means that the company that produces the non-woven wallpaper does forest management sustainably. Our non-woven wallpaper complies with the European standard (EN 13501-1:2007) for fire safety and the new standard for VOC emissions. VOC is the collective name for substances present in our environment that evaporate quickly. These substances have always been there, but recently there is a standard for the context of environmentally friendly construction. Our non-woven wallpaper has the best emission label A+.


Non-woven wallpaper is a durable product

Interior and furnishing have deserved a lot of attention for many years. A pleasant living and working environment are of great importance to our well-being. We developed our products in such a way that they comply with the furnishings and decorations of homes and businesses without being detrimental to future generations. Non-woven wallpaper is laminated and is suitable for various substrates. In the case of PVC-free non-woven wallpaper, you should glue the wall with wallpaper glue suitable for non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper is many times stronger than the traditional paper wallpaper.

Water-based latex technology for the inks

We print the photo wallpaper on HP Latex printers. These printers have all the certificates needed for the environment. The inks are water-based and therefore avoid harmful fumes and environmentally unfriendly concentrations in the air. Latex inks provide odorless prints for areas where solvent prints are not allowed, such as medical rooms and schools. Our HP Latex printer has an EPEAT Bronze registration, which means there is a reduced environmental impact; see epeat.net for the registration status per country.


HP Latex inks are UL ECOLOGO® certified. The UL 2801 demonstrates that an ink meets a series of criteria with multiple characteristics based on lifecycle considerations for human well-being and the environment (see ul.com/EL). The UL GREENGUARD GOLD certification, according to UL 2818, shows that the inks are certified according to UL GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions to indoor air during production (see ul.com/gg or greenguard.org).

Suitable for educational and care environments

The GREENGUARD certification is a standard designed to classify low-emission materials. Our inks are suitable for environments where people, especially children and sensitive adults, spend long periods. Such as in homes, care institutions, schools and childcare facilities.

Custom made photo wallpaper

Would you like customized wallpaper? We can do that.

We only supply custom photo wallpaper. All images are scalable, so the wallpaper always fits perfectly. It doesn't matter to us whether the walls are 2 or 3 meters high or 20 meters wide. Thanks to our production process in combination with our design team and the right software, we can produce any size.

What is essential with larger sizes is that the quality of the print remains good. Photos are build up from pixels, so depending on the number of pixels and camera type, the picture will appear sharper or out of focus at a specific size. For large walls, we advise using high-quality photos (Wallexclusive) or vector files. Vector files can be infinitely scaled without loss of quality. If you don't want any loss of quality on your photo wallpaper, take a look at our photo wallpaper with patterns. These images are all scalable. For example, a car can be 10 cm wide but also 100 cm. The size of an object can have a subtle effect on the wall. A combination of large and small objects is also possible.

As a standard, we produce photo wallpaper with a bleed of 5 cm all around. Because walls and ceilings are never straight (especially with old buildings), we advise working with a bleed. You can enter the measured size online, and our software automatically calculates 5 cm bleed. Use the bleed when installing the first wallpaper panel. Please refer to our installation instructions supplied with the wallpaper.

If you want to use wallpaper for a door with an exact size, we can print and cut it to the nearest millimeter. You can indicate in the options on the product page whether or not you want to use a bleed. We can also print images like a painting on poster size. If you see a beautiful picture, we can print it custom-size on non-woven wallpaper. You can stick it on your wall with wallpaper glue.

Wallpaper panels (strokes) connect seamlessly

The panels will perfectly fit with each other. There is no bleed between the strokes, and you can glue them together. Thanks to the glue and firmness of the material, the panels are easy to stick and slide together. We only print on non-woven wallpaper. The advantage of non-woven wallpaper is that it does not shrink (when installing with the right temperature), and you do not see any seams after wallpapering.


We look at the width of the wall and adjust the width of the panels accordingly. All strokes will have equal width, and you don't have to deal with a small stroke at the beginning or end of the wall. By making the panels the correct size, we waste as little material, which results in a more favorable price. Depending on the width of the wall, you will receive the same strokes of 55 to 80 cm wide. We can also supply 150 cm wide strips, but this is more difficult to glue. There are also extra transport costs because we have to ship a more extended package for this. Panels of 150cm are challenging to apply. If desired, you can indicate this during the ordering process (options).